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26 Jun,2017

5 Quick Wedding Surprise Ideas For The Groom

Men also love surprises, caring gestures, and expressions. What if for a change as a bride you think out of the box and plan wedding surprises for the groom. Whenever we talk about the wedding, we talk about brides. Why So?

Wedding Surprise Ideas For The Groom

These 5 surprises for groom on wedding day will melt his heart forever;
1. Love Notes: Make love notes and note down all the good moments you both spend and good habits you like in him. Say, how caring he is when you fall sick. Point out all the small and tiny special moments you lived. Read them in front of the guest and let your partner fall in love with you all over again and forever.
2. Perfect Bridesmaids: hand small fancy distant readable cards to your bridesmaid and they will tell the groom about your entry on the aisle through words. Let’s say, “Here comes your love.”
3. Wedding ring: wedding rings are usually bought together. But you can engrave it with a lovely message whenever he is not around and surprise on the wedding day. Let him read give that lovely smile.
4. Private moment: ask your loyal team to arrange a meeting at some nearby quite place where you can both enjoy the lone time before you hit the reception. Make sure the place is serene and soothing.
5. His favorite food: considering the health and diet of now your official husband and in-laws prepare the menu and keep all of their favorite dishes. Keep them guessing until they remove the lid.
Playing the perfect host and bride at the same time is not an easy task. But with the great team and fabulous ideas, you can create magic. You can also surprise groom on the wedding day by hiring a limousine for the following;
– Escape after exchanging the vows and before the reception to some romantic place in your very own private limousine.
– Make an entry to the wedding destination in the most luxurious limo.
– Arrive at the wedding with your partner in the style.
– Let the chauffeur ride you throughout the city and drop you at honeymoon suite.

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Wedding Surprise Ideas For The Groom

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