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03 Aug,2017

Basics On Limo Hire

Limousine is the best vehicle for a special occasion as it is a luxury vehicle and has much more features than any other vehicle. There are many types of limousines since almost any type of car can be converted into a limousine, be it a big sedan, a SUV or even a mini car. The Stretch limousine is one of the most popular one around and is usually the chosen one for a wedding ceremony, an engagement party, a corporate event or that special occasion.

Tips for hiring a limousine

Tips for hiring a limousine

Hiring a car is not considered to one of the major tasks during an occasion or a celebration. Hiring a car is something people do pretty often and hence it is often left for later when planning an event. However, when it comes to hiring a limousine leaving the booking till the last minute can be a big mistake. Here are several tips on how to handle limousine booking.
– It is best to book a limousine well in advance. The reason being that it is highly likely that you have either chosen a long weekend, an auspicious day or festive day for your big event. If that is the case, there are likely to be many other events on the same day and hence many other people booking limousines as well. The new and good quality cars tend to get booked first hence you are left with little choice if you leave till the last minute.
– Any leaflet or brochure that you may have of a limousine service, most likely have their services listed along with the list of their vehicles on hire. The photos of the limousines displayed can be misleading. At times the pictures are created for the purpose of illustration and are not the vehicle that you will be receiving.
– A super stretch limousine can fit up to ten people. This limousine is perfect for a large bridal party.

East West Limousine service for Limousine hire


East West Limousine has been providing limousine service to Metro Vancouver, Nanaimo and Fraser Valley since many years now. Besides these cities, they provide their services in many other smaller cities as well. They understand how important it is for a newlywed, or a couple getting engaged to have a memorable experience. They also understand the event planning ideas for corporates and are very flexible with special requests.
The limousines provided by East West limousine service abbotsford are always safe and clean. The chauffeurs are highly experienced and they provide a high quality service and are always prompt.

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