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Know the Steps to Start Your Own Event Company

06 Apr,2018

Starting an events company is not an easy task. Often the directors are asked how they achieved success. Is there a magic or formula for success? Well, the answer is a big “No”. There is no specific formula that can earn you success. So, how do you start an events company? It will take a … Continue reading Know the Steps to Start Your Own Event Company

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5 Perfect Prom Night Ideas You Do Not Want To Miss Reading

04 Mar,2018

Every teen dreams of a perfect prom night since childhood. They grow up watching movies like, Never been kissed, and pretty in pink. Everyone dreams to look gorgeous on their first prom.

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Useful Tips Before you Hire A Wedding Day Transportation

27 Feb,2018

Weddings are special, especially for the bride. She plans her wedding her whole life. Food, dress, guest list, flowers, among others. All these arrangements need to be perfect!

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