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15 May,2018

Know the Ways to Minimize Wedding Transportation Costs

Weddings usually incur a big and fat expense. Among other expenses, transportation services in a wedding grab about 2% of the overall wedding budget. What most couples don’t know or don’t understand is that the expenses need not be so much costly. With the right kind of planning one can cut a few dollars from the cost. If you are looking for similar kind of ideas, here are some points in which you can take a dig into to save some of the costs.
Know the Ways to Minimize Wedding Transportation Costs

Pick a venue close to your accommodation

Surely one of the most efficient ways how to keep wedding costs low is choosing a venue that is within the proximity of your accommodation. A hotel wedding seems to be appropriate for the matter where you will be in the vicinity of the big function area. On the other hand, if you are planning a country or barn wedding you will have no such advantage.

Let the guests reach the venue themselves

While it seems a nice idea to pick and drop all the guests, it is also a pricey option at the same time. Instead, you can chart out detailed information and directions to reach the venue on the invitation card itself for the convenience of the guests. You can include all the public transit routes and other local car services available so that they can reach the venue without a hassle.

Book a big vehicle

If you want to pick your guests, make sure you book a big vehicle instead of several smaller ones. There are party buses which costs much less but can accommodate most or all the guests to collectively reach the venue.

Choose transportation alternative

If you are still wondering to find some other ways how to save on wedding transportation then we suggest you pick an alternative form of transportation. It is not at all necessary to choose a highly fashionable limo you can opt for bikes instead. This will make your wedding stand out among others.

Remove the fancy getaway car from the list

Experts suggest that the fancy getaway car isn’t essential. That adds to the extra costs. You can rather choose to turn up to the wedding venue in style. If you get back in your own car or hire a simple uber cab, no one will judge you for that. All that is important in the matter is a driver who can drive you to your destination safely.

Why choose East West Limos?

Why choose East West Limos?
Weddings are once in a lifetime event. So, every preparation needs to be perfect. If you are choosing East West limos you can stay worry-free at least about the transportation services for yourself and the guests at the party.
East west limos services are popular for their limousine service abbotsfordsafe and clean vehicles, experienced chauffeurs and quality, prompt services. You can be sure that the company will not let you down for a timely service. They also maintain good connections with vendors that can be helpful to arrange wedding functions. Thus, you can make a reasonable deal and save a share of the expenses.

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