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12 Apr,2018

Tips To Plan Your Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

Are you getting married soon? So, this prenuptial period is the last days of your bachelor life. Enjoy a lot before you get busy and responsible in your married life. You may choose to spend the time with your friends and unwind yourself from the wedding stress. A good way to have a blast is by planning your bachelor or bachelorette party and reliving all your old memories with your friends. This will make you feel happier.
Are you feeling clueless about bachelor and bachelorette party ideas and how to organize the party? Don’t worry we will help you out with the matter. Here in this article, there are certain ways that can help you in the effort. Continue reading to find out what they are:

Plan in advance

Be the early bird and avoid planning at the last moment. If the party is just the day before the wedding night then you would feel tired and have the hand over the whole day. Would that be fine? Of course not! So, pick a date that is a week or two in advance of the wedding date. Make sure to book a suitable venue and keep the events of the night simple.
A great idea some couples comes up with is combined bachelor and bachelorette party ideas. This saves individual party costs and also makes the party a happening event.

Keep the Guest List and Budget sensible

A good idea to use in your bachelor/bachelorette party is to keep the guest list between 10-20 people. The more the number the greater will be the chaos and least you will be able to attend all of them. Thus, to enjoy each other’s company keep guest list is within this range.
This also lowers your expenditure though making the party a point of discussion among your friends. You may also call a VIP to increase the vibe of the party. Make sure that your invitations reflect the formality level of the party.

Have some interesting Gifts and ideas

An interesting part of the party is the gifts. Plan something that will make your friends surprised. You may also keep time for a game, a dance time or some other events that your guests will go gaga over. These elements are sure to add fun to a party.

Book a transportation service

The last but the most important point is to book a well-organized transportation service. You may trust the east west limo service to pick and drop your guests.
If you are thinking why you would choose east west limos, let us inform you that the company has vast experiences in providing limousine service in abbotsford. Thus, they are often regarded as the best limousine company. Their rates and packages are also attractive and they are great to travel with a group of friends. The company also make sure that you and your group enjoy a safe and happy journey.
We hope that the above ideas will help you to plan your party. You may also consider joint bachelor bachelorette party ideas with your partner to let both of your friends meet and make the party a grand event.

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