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11 Aug,2016

10 reasons Why You Should Visit Stanley Park in Vancouver


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Resorts are not the only option these days to enjoy an entire day with the family. All you do at resorts is jump into the pool and enjoy cool drinks. There are quite a few other options available with which you can make your day memorable as well as exciting. Visiting Stanley Park is one option. Stanley Park is not only a garden or just a park. It has much more to offer than that. If you are wondering what you would do at Stanley Park then this article is for you. The best part of this park is that it is easily accessible regardless of which city you are travelling from.


Stanley Park is situated in Vancouver, Canada. People who search ‘What to do in Stanley Park, Vancouver’ will be amazed to know that there are more than 50 activities they can perform here. Out of many a few are listed here;


1. Enjoy the park on rollerblades and bikes.


2. Take pictures of the rose garden.


3. Indulge in some sports like badminton, frisbee and more.


4. Take a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium.


5. Stand at Hallelujah point and experience the beauty of the city.


6. Visit Golden Gate Bridge


7. If you are visiting during summer then you are lucky enough to enjoy the waterpark and concession stand.


8. Enjoy some delicious food at the cafes which are always busy.


9. We had talked about the pool. So here is the good news, with all these activities you can enjoy the pool as well. As you move to the west seawall you will get to see three beaches. On the second beach, you will get to enjoy an outside pool with some amazing slides.


10. Enjoy the golf course while your kids are feeding the ducks and raccoons.


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So now you know what to see and do in Stanley Park.


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