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31 Jan,2017

10 Tips on how to prepare for a wedding

10 Tips on how to prepare for a wedding

Weddings are serious matters. Though they require a lot of preparation, management, finance, and much more, they are worth it in the end! These days people have learnt to bear the burden of their wedding finances on own. Every girl on this earth wants to manage her own wedding and live her dream. Today we will give idea on How to plan your own wedding.

Parents and Fiancé

Visit your parents and share this big news with them. Just the news, do not start discussing the money and plans yet. Let your partner talk to his/her parents. Remember not to go too fast otherwise you will juggle up things. Also, do not keep high expectations because if in any case they cannot fulfill them you will be in pain. Keep calm and take every step smartly.

Discuss Plan

Take a notebook and write down everything that you wish for your wedding. Give your assignment a name, for example, how to plan my wedding. You like beach wedding, put it in the book, you like lilies, put it in the book. If your parents are not available, sit with your fiancé and write everything that you wish for your wedding. Do not discuss the finances here.

Wedding Date

If you are not sure which day to get married, you can at least pinpoint the month or season. This way you will have the idea how much time you have left to make the arrangements and you can start checking out the venues.


List down all the guest names before you start searching for the venue. Numbers will help you decide the capacity of venue.


Now discuss the money. Share the details you have discussed and finalized so far. It would be good to share the same details with your parents. This will give you an idea as to how much interest they have in helping you out financially with your wedding.


Now when you know which season you will be getting married in and how many guests are going to be there, start looking for the venues. Check on which date they are available. This will help you decide the date. Wedding book During wedding preparations always keep the book closer. This should contain, all the vendors’ contact numbers, upcoming tasks, checklist, bridesmaid contact details, their upcoming tasks, etc.

Choosing Bridesmaid

Choosing and managing a bridesmaid is also a task that a bride has to look after. The bridesmaid task is to give solicited company and generate good advices. Choose your girl wisely.


When it comes to your wedding everything needs to be perfect. Between two best vendors, you might have to compromise one by considering your finances. If you compromise, tell your vendor how to make the preparations for the wedding.


As the wedding comes near you will get busy with your personal stuff. In that case, you will need a loyal assistant to look after other arrangements. Get him/her a copy of your book and keep everything in loop between you both. If possible make a chatting group and include everyone who is participating in the preparation.


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10 Tips on how to prepare for a wedding


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