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17 May,2019

11 Ways to Ensure Limo Rental Availability for Your Event…!!!

“Take only memories, leave only footprints”
So, if you are looking for an expressive way to make your event way super special and memorable nothing comes nearer to a limo transport service! The utter benefit, comfort and that extra luxury mixed with a courteous service that uniquely stands out make renting a limo a reliable stroke of genius.
11 Ways to Ensure Limo Rental Availability for Your Event...!!!
However, if you plan to use a limo service for your event, planning is imperative since there is demand on high season. The one thing you should say no to is the last moment planning.
To be sure of the fact that you will get the right limo rental availability for your event, here are 11 helpful suggestions: –

1. Determine How Long You’ll Need the Limo

To facilitate booking with the limo company, you need to tell them how long you will need the car. Even a difference of one hour can affect the booking schedule and oppose you the chance of hiring your selected limousine. If you are not sure how long you will need the car, it is better that you add an extra hour to the quote, just to be sure.

2. Take Note of High-Demand Seasons

Limo rental services are on high demand during festive seasons mainly. To ensure limo availability for your event, book in a prior note. You are definitely not the only one planning to celebrate in style.

The height of the wedding season is the summer months of June and July, and limousines are occupied during this time. If you plan to hire a wedding limo service, book before a couple of months to secure your dates.

3. How Many People Will the Limo Carry?

Before planning starts, do a head count of those who will be in that limo. It is intelligent to permit some extra space just in case some close friend changes their mind and decides to come along. This could save you last minute sadness. For example, if your event is for ten people, get a limo for twelve.

Last minute turn of events may bring more people on board than you had thought. Besides, even if there are no last-minute surprises, the extra space increases the comfort of those onboard.

4. Get the Right Car for the Event

Your event type and wished vibe are key to selecting the type of car to use during an event. Specific cars are suited for specific events. A party bus or limousine may be your best choice when attending a sporting event or a wine tour. A stretch Hummer for a bachelor party may impress during a night out in town. A classic stretch limo or a town car may be your best bet for a wedding. To scale the ambiance at your event a notch or two, you may want to get a limo featuring your event’s theme color.

5. Share Details of Your Event with the Limo Operators

To help the limo company prepare the car for your event, provide the details of your event and what you expect. This helps them prepare the car accordingly. Share your vision for the event with the customer service executive for a guaranteed experience.

Sharing your event’s details helps the customer service staff to come up with the best options for your event. It also helps them suggest particular deals that are okay with your budget. For children, parents or guardians are responsible for the booking.

6. Amenities

Get all the information that you need about amenities given by your preferred limo service provider. Build the available plug-ins and ask about their compatibility with your smartphones. Plan for the music to be played to enhance ambiance. Other in-car amenities include screens to keep riders busy and entertained.

7. Check on the Alcohol Policy

Are you permitted to take alcohol in the limo? Each limo company provides some guidelines and rules on the code of conduct during a ride. Find out whether alcohol is allowed for your event type, the cost of taking liquor during your ride, and other options. In some cases, a glass of wine, ice water, and soft drinks are enough for your guests.

8. Check out the Fleet Ahead Time

Get the knowledge of what vehicles the limo service provider has before you make any reservation. Identify your car you have chosen before proceeding with the booking.

9. Beware of the Reservations and Cancellations Policy

Find out about the policy of cancellations and re-scheduling. The weather leaves some effect on your event, especially if it is an outdoor one. Know what the results of last-minute changes are.

10. Confirm Pricing

Determine whether your pricing procedure is a flat rate or hourly. This helps you in setting the budget with precision. Make sure other costs such as tax are declared to help you select the best solution for your event. When in doubt, ask, please!

11. Tipping the Driver

Tipping a limo driver is a good manner. Find out if the tip is in your bill or not. Your limo driver will definitely praise a good tip.

Securing a preferred limo for your event entails careful planning. Since you will be paying for the service, you might as well make sure the limo service you get meets the needs of your event. Plan a little early and be on top of things to ignore last-minute pressures.

5 Star Rating, On Time Guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for now? Does not it sound all sorted to you? Yes? Grab your shoes, wear them and go, rock the world, “Take every chance you get in life because some things happen only once.”

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