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24 Oct,2017

5 Top Qualities of Any Unique Event Venue

Searching for a venue for a party in itself is a tough task. You are confronted with many challenges and concerns. You have to make sure everything outshines and is liked by the guests at a reasonable price. Choosing a date, attendee list preparation, caterers to parking is important in every sense. You can be careful while choosing the party event venues as they make high impact on guests. Consider certain factors before choosing party events and be saved from last moment humiliation.
5 Top Qualities of Any Unique Event Venue

5 qualities any unique event venue must have:


Any guest that is invited will be concerned about the location. They would prefer a venue within their reach. Many parties happen at night and a location which is in outskirts may create question in guest’s mind whether to go or not. Also, if someone is coming you never know if they are happy with your choice of location or not and may leave early without enjoying the entire event, even if they wanted to stay.


Parking is the major issue in many events. Sometimes hosts focus on decoration and food so much that they forget about the first experience any guest would have. Take this factor into major consideration and check whether the venue and event spaces have sufficient parking space. Check the list of guests and calculate the number of vehicles to be parked and inform the same to the venue manager or parking area staff.


After parking comes the capacity of the party event venue. Count the number of guests and see the space provided by the venue team and make sure guests will be occupied easily. They must feel comfortable. A few people compromise with the space and this results into suffocation and shoving which makes a bad impression. Make sure the venue is spacious enough and can occupy extra guests as well if required.


Any special event venues offer special services other than just parking and party space. You just have to figure out whether the services are worth taking or you are being fooled. Sit with the staff  and discuss the services and amenities they will provide at the day of event. Also share how would you like specific services to be treated, for example combination of flower decoration, cocktails, etc.


When you finalize the venue make sure it has easy accessibility with clear directions. For example, a guest with special needs might not want to take the staircase in order to go washroom or to use a room. So make sure these things are cleared beforehand. Sometimes the structure of venue is so complex that guests end up asking different people how to get to different spots. In such cases, put the sign board with the directions.
Overall, your event should speak about your sense in management. It is not only the venue owner’s task but also your duty to give the best experience to the guests.
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