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31 Jul,2019

6 Eating Places in Vancouver You Simply Cannot Miss!

Eating Places in Vancouver

Vancouver has attracted many foodies from all over the world due to its production of farm fresh items and flourishing culinary culture and new food festivals every quarter of the month. With an ever-increasing number of eateries, microbreweries, trucks and food stores opening up in Vancouver, the city is presently one of the world’s premier culinary dishes that you simply cannot miss. Offering a mind-boggling combination of dishes for everybody from meat and fish favorites to vegetarians, here are the 10 main spot to eat in Vancouver:


Contemporary Cuisine:

There are just too many astonishing eateries in Vancouver serving excellent meals. Each foodie here has a rundown and we have shortlisted a portion of our preferred spots: Botanist (1038 Canada Pl), Hawksworth Restaurant (801 W Georgia St), Stevenson Pizza Company (3400 Moncton St), Jam bistro (556 Beatty St) and The Oakwood Canadian Bistro (2741 W fourth Ave). These are some of the most renewed restaurants for contemporary dishes in Canada.



Canada has the sixth largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan, and they are mostly found in Vancouver, BC. It has a long history of Japanese migration, thus introducing Japanese cuisines to the Canadian population. In 2003, a Japanese couple came to Vancouver with the fusion of America’s favorite dish – Hotdog and gave it a Japanese twist. This is a must when you plan to visit the places to eat in Vancouver.


Dungeness Crabs:

Vancouver is a coastal city, and its seafood is to die for! It serves the most iconic seafood dishes from around the world. Sandbars, Blue Water café, and Sun Sui Wah are great Chinese seafood restaurants serving some of the most flavored crabs in Canada. If you plan to cook them at home, shop for the crabs at The Lobster Man and The Fish store.


Doukhobor Borscht:

This is a Russian vegetarian soup place that is very popular in Vancouver. The Doukhobor is a Russian community that came to Canada in the 20th century and formed one of the largest populations in the country.


Spot Prawns:

A spot prawn has the biggest shrimp business in the Pacific Northwest. These prawns are supportable, wild, and pricey because of their sweet flesh. If you are a prawn lover, visit the Spot Prawn Festival which is held each May at the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver.


Salt Spring Island Lamb:

Salt Spring Island Lamb is said to have a better taste due to its novel texture. The crisp, salty air is regularly added, and the moderate atmosphere enables the sheep to graze all year on wild blackberries, salad and Oregon grapes. There are not many predators, and the sheep are kept in small farms. The Salt Spring Island Cheese Company makes sheep and goats milk cheese that are among the most legitimate kinds in British Columbia.


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