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05 Sep,2019

6 Most Important Travel Safety Tips

The goal of travel is to discover new things & locations and expand your horizons. But, what if your anxieties make it impossible for you to relax and enjoy your adventures? We understand that every trip comes with its own collection of worries.


Before you even leave on your journey, staying secure while traveling has a lot to do with preparing. These six easy travel safety tips should be considered before you land at your dream destination for safety and security.


Do Not Show off Your Wealth:

Whether with money or costly devices, displaying riches will only render scammers and pickpockets  to get more attracted to you. Carry a fake purse with little money in it, so if you’re mugged, you can offer it. And keep your cash at several places in your suitcase, purse and wallet. Do not keep it collected at a place.


Keeping Your Things Safe:

Pack minimal. Avoid carrying too many bags of luggage and invest in a tiny, durable luggage lock. Try to pick one that doesn’t stand out, so it doesn’t look like you’ve got something really precious inside. Never leave it unattended if you have carried it with you. Buy RFID-protected wallets to prevent identity theft. This is one of the most basic tips for safe travel.


Update Your Friends & Family

Whether you’re going on an overnight exploration or a month-long trip, letting friends or relatives back home know is always a good idea. Send a copy of your itinerary to someone close and trusted individuals before you depart, who can keep tabs on your whereabouts. Check your connections frequently so they understand you’re where you should be.


Keep Emergency Numbers Noted:

In case of emergency situations, you may not have time to search for local police or ambulance numbers or addresses to your country’s closest embassy. You may also be too panicky and strained to search for it directly. Don’t get into that situation. Rather, document that data beforehand and generate an “emergency plan” for you to follow if things go wrong. Save somewhere on your mobile or diary.


Talk to Locals to Know The Area:

Ask a local resident of the region if you really want to understand which neighbourhoods are secure and which may be dicey.


Most of the locals are polite, and you’ll be warned to go into not secure fields. On the other hand, if a stranger gives advice, it’s also wise to get a second opinion–just if they don’t really understand what they’re speaking about but just want to assist (or worse, they’re attempting to scam you). In this respect, taxi riders may be great sources of useful data, others may be miserable unpleasant that may genuinely cause you difficulty.


Make Use of ATMs Wisely:

When keying in your PIN number at an ATM you may have been told to cover your keypad. That’s good advice worth pursuing, not only for others staring over your shoulder but also for hidden cameras attempting to track your pin. Keep a check on tampered ATMs and be very cautious about the dispensed cash through the machine.


Travel Safety with East West Limousine

East West Limousine chauffeurs have been trained to ensure passenger safety first and will take care of you while travelling. Our chauffeurs are very punctual and have a high quality of service. Besides there is never an issue with cleanliness or passenger safety with them.

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