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28 Oct,2017

6 Security Concerns You Must Have Before Choosing A Party Venue

We easily fall for the great venue design, reasonable rates and amazing services, but did you know there is one most important service that we often forget, we are talking about security for events.
Your guests are coming to your big event and it becomes your duty to look after every facet of security, so talk about the event security services at venue reception and set up a meeting with the team.
6 Security Concerns You Must Have Before Choosing A Party Venue

Here are 5 questions you can ask to the event security team:

Are there enough cameras to capture every corner of the venue?
How will the staff manage the unexpected fights and conflicts, if it happens, between groups or individuals?
Do you have a plan in case of excessive alcohol consumption by the guests?
What measurements will you take in case valuable items are stolen from any of the guests?
Will you be taking care of exterior and interior entry points?
Is your team well trained for the unexpected events, like shooting, or shoving.
These questions may sound absurd to you at this moment but they are as important as your selection of venue. It is better to be prepared before any crisis and that’s what we call superb event management.
Event security not only starts from the venue but also from the places where you will be picking up VIP guests or family. In such cases, you can simply hire a car service provider which has a good history in treating the guests well.
If you are looking for such car service? We have the answer.

East West Limos

They have a history of safe and secure pick-up and drop-off of all their clients. East West Limo company is based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada providing limousine services Abbotsford for quite some years now.
Their chauffeurs;
Respect time
Respect hygiene
Respect quality
They provide extra care when it comes to the security of your loved ones. Your family is 100% safe with them. To book a limo, visit here,

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