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01 Oct,2018

7 Common Misconceptions about Limousine Services

When you think of a limousine, automatically the picture of a long sleek car with a fancy chauffeur and fancier events come to your mind. As much as it’s true, limousines are not just limited to special events and fancy plans. Though limousines have been around for a really long time, most people restrict its uses and dismiss it as a car that is meant for the rich and the fancy.

7 Common Misconceptions about Limousine Services

Let’s take a look at the common myths about limousine services that are very deeply rooted in the minds of the people:

Rich and Famous only:

Totally wrong! Limo services are affordable and are often cheaper than a Cab and Uber ride. Don’t stop yourself from availing a comfortable limo ride just because you think it’s meant for the rich people.

Exclusive for special events:

It’s true that most people avail a limousine service for grand events like proms, anniversaries, date nights or weddings but it is not exclusive to only big events. One can avail the service even for a business meeting, attending a concert, a game or as their ride to the airport.

Short and in-town transportation:

Most people tend to book a limo as a means of in-town transportation that must be booked for at least a minimum of 4-6 hours. It is so untrue. Most limousine services also offer to take their passengers to another part of the city or for a weekend getaway and charges you only for the time you actually use it.

Unsuitable for the long drives:

There are people, who believe that luxury cars are not fit for long drives. It may be true for some luxury cars, but when it comes to limos, it is such a wrong notion. One can travel comfortably in a limousine for over 24 hours and enjoy every moment of the ride.


Safety should always be a top priority. While many consider limousine services to be unsafe, it is in fact, safer than most rental cars, buses, railways or air transportation. Limousine services strive hard to make your ride safe and comfortable.

Untrained Chauffeurs:

A good limousine service will never allow an inexperienced and untrained chauffeur to drive around the passengers. Only highly professional, well-trained and responsible drivers engage in driving around the limousine to ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers.

Not customized and probably shady:

One of the biggest myths about the limousine services is that they can’t be customized and are mostly shady. It’s a typical stereotype that came into existence during the time of the Mafias. Today, most limousine services are owned and operated by hardworking people who are extremely professional and go beyond their means to meet the needs and requirements of their clients.

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Next time don’t hesitate to book a limousine for a quick pick-up and drop facility, even if it’s just a ride to the airport or a neighborhood party.

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