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30 Jan,2018

7 Occasions When you Must Hire a Limo to Make that Day Special

Once in a lifetime, we all want and deserve a luxurious day. We all have heard about the limousine and fantasized about it, believe us, it is not a big deal, if and only if you hire a reliable and experienced limo. You can find many reasons to rent a limo, be it for a wedding, birthday, prom night, homecoming, business meetings among others. And tell you what, you can hire a limo in your budget.

Hire A Limousine Service Abbotsford

Why Rent A Limo?

Hire A Limousine Service Abbotsford

It is obviously not your casual night. You want to make it special. No matter what occasion it is, even if you are going to a meeting you want to walk out of your car with class. And that feeling cannot be gained with your regular car.

7 Occasions when you must hire a limo to make that day special



Limo for Wedding

The biggest day of everyone’s life. You can ask for a traditional limo car for this day where you can sit with your closed ones.


Limo for Birthday

A slightly big limo car where you can enjoy your day with your group or family members.


The prom night starts right after you are picked up from your home. Be it with your group or your prom partner, lets make an entry to the party gate with class.

Limo for Prom


Make your meeting more comfortable and classic by hiring a chic limo black car.

Limo for Business

Date Night:

Limo for Date Night

The first impression lasts longer. Talk to the limousine rental service provider and get world-class services, like glass of wine or a romantic movie.


Limo for Anniversary

Make your partner realize that even if the wedding is over, even if your life has become so busy with work and kids, you still have not forgot how to make them feel special. Rent a limo car and ask the chauffeur to park it to your door only to give your partner surprise.


Limo for Funerals

Person who has passed away definitely deserves a warm good bye. Make the deceased’s family sit in the limo and help them bid good bye to the soul properly.

The best part about limousine is that the chauffeurs are not the regular drivers. They are highly trained and know how to handle different clients. Specially trained chauffeurs speak different languages to make the foreign visit comfortable.

East West Limos

East West Limos

East West Limos offers every type of limousine service abbotsford  for different type of events. The chauffeurs are well aware of the localities, language and safety measures. Reasons you must hire limo from east west limos are;

Reasonable limo rental prices
Experienced chauffeurs

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