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29 Jan,2017

Common Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Flower


Weddings and flowers always go together. Where there is a wedding there will be lots of flowers. However, it is important that one know how and where to use a flower. In the sense that even flowers have a special purpose and certain flowers are used for specific places or events. It is very common to make a mistake while selecting the right set of flowers for an occasion.


Here are the common mistakes we make and avoid:

1. When picking the flowers one tends to visualize the best place to set the flowers. It may be possible that one person selects the perfect location for the flowers while at the other end another person orders the flowers which might not be the right fit for the location chosen. To avoid such a mismatch it is important to be aware of the bigger picture when selecting your flowers.


2. At times the flower selection and arrangement is left to the florist. In such a situation it is necessary to trust your florist and inform them of your wedding flower ideas. To start with it is necessary to communicate well with the florist. It is also necessary to make sure you have informed the florist of your likes and dislikes and described what you expect from them.


3. It is possible to reuse the flower arrangement during an event for a different segment of the program. For example, a ceremony that is likely to last only 30 minutes does need the floral decoration throughout the event. The flowers used here can be transferred over to another section once the ceremony is done. Thus it is quite practical to reuse the flowers and is something one should be aware of.


4. A wedding is a very hectic event to organize and is best to be planned in advance. There are several small plans and arrangements that make up the entire wedding and it is essential to make sure everything is planned in advance. One of the most common mistakes is leaving a task too late like booking the florist too close to the event.


5. It is possible that your ideas for wedding flowers means selecting some expensive flowers. It is quite common for one to change the flower arrangement just because of the price. It is important to consider the fact that the flowers may cover a greater area and even create a greater impression.



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