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16 Dec,2016

Experience the serenity at its best by visiting Clayburn Village Abbotsford.

Experience the serenity at its best by visiting Clayburn Village Abbotsford


Ready for some village lifestyle? Then welcome to the Clayburn Village Abbotsford which gives you a glance of an old era. You can visit here for many reasons.


1.  To enjoy the village lifestyle.


2.  To learn the lifestyle of old years.


3.  To book for an event.


To give you a rough idea what this village is all about and why it is so special, read below.


This place came into existence in 1905 for the service class people. It has three stores, one bank, a school and a church. Visitors often reach here to learn the old age English lifestyle. If you think that it has many visitors then you are wrong. It is a very secluded and a small village with a few pleasing buildings. It is often booked by the abundant visitors for their personal events. But it is always open for visitors who like to experience the brick buildings and museums that give a scent of British village lifestyle.


Some of the famous buildings to visit in Clayburn Village Abbotsford are;


Clayburn Village store


(Image Courtesy


1.  Clayburn Village store has all the required groceries that one might need in day to day life. It is not only a store but offers a tea room, social gathering, and life insurance.


Foremen’s cottages



2.  Foremen’s cottages are something to explore. They are one of the oldest cottages built around 1905 and 1906. They have been restored and maintained by their owners and open for the visitors to see the brickwork on windows and doors, and bell-cast roofs.


Accountant’s house in  Clayburn Village

(Image courtesy


3.  Accountant’s house was the residence for the accountant built in 1909. The little diamond shaped windows are something to look for which gives the glance on how talented and creative the architect was.

What are the other attractions to look for?


1. Clinker Brick Homes are famous for unique brickwork.
2. Plant Manager’s Home is the largest brick house in this village.
3.  Wooden Houses are famous for its Victorian style architecture.
4.  Clayburn School is one of the oldest architecture and popular for organizing many events.
5.  Clayburn Church is unlike the other churches you will see. It is popular for two independent stretcher laid walls and not veneer.
6. Cayburn Creek (aka Kelley Creek) is the place from where water needs are supplied for the village.
7.  Kirkpatrick House is popular for the beautiful garden.
8.  Brick Plant got famous for employing many people and becoming the largest brick producer in British Columbia.

Such places are very rare and who knows if they will stay as the same. To experience the similar life your ancestors have lived visit this place.

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