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22 Feb,2017

How to make a perfect wedding menu cards?



Wedding is the most awaited day for any girl. The planning of the dream day starts right from her childhood. Today we will discuss about the most important part of the D-Day-which is food. A bad caterer can ruin the entire wedding with the tasteless food. It is better to decide the menu and caterer at least a month before the wedding.


How to make wedding menu cards?

When you invite guests it becomes your duty to give them best services. Wedding function is not a one day affair. Guests gather a day before to enjoy following events;


1.) Rehearsal dinner

2.) Breakfast

3.) Wedding lunch

4.) Dinner (optional)


Each part should include different item-that’s what you want. No matter how small or big the reception is going to be, the menu should win the heart.


Let us now understand How to make a wedding menu?


Looking at the guest, ensure that the food item of their taste is included in the menu. Do not experiment, if no one in your family and friends know about Greek food then do not include it. Stick to the familiar cuisine; concentrate on making the food healthy and delicious. Ensure all the guests enjoy it, including the diabetic ones.


How to write a wedding menu?

Obviously, writing a menu card for hundreds of guests is not possible. You can choose the font style and theme and ask your wedding card designer to use it. Use the font which is stylish yet readable.


Do not put tough cuisine names. Use familiar words. Or you can describe the item, for example, ciabatta-Italian White Bread.


How to design a menu card?

If there are three events, then make three different menu cards. On the front page give a little brief about the cuisine. Based on the type of meal, whether 4 course or 5 course meal, make the sections in the card. For example, for 4 course meal, include four pages.


You can give your card the color of the theme you will be using in your wedding.


Check for the multiple websites who design a card of your choice, compare the rates and ask for sample. Then hire the company. Remember, all this should be done a month prior.


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