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Privacy Policy

EastWest Limousine’s privacy policy:

East West Limousine Service Ltd strictly adheres to its privacy policy.  We understand how important it is to keep each customers’s information confidential.


Collection and Distribution of Information

East West Limousine Service Ltd only collects information through the form pages of our website in order to provide quotations and make reservations. This information is saved on our server for a period of 3 years and then deleted. The information may be used to determine a specific need for a type of vehicle that customers prefer. This information may be used to show need to Passenger Transportation Board so that they can consider us for an additional licence, if need be. The name and details of the customer are not released and maintained in strict privacy. We do not in any circumstance sell anyone’s information.



 Information collected through our forms is emailed directly to our server using standard POP electronic mail. 


Contacting Us

Any questions or concerns regarding security or privacy issues should be directed to e.

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