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06 Aug,2018

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Limo for the Wedding

There is a lot of planning involved in a wedding, including hiring the safest and reliable transportation that can take you to the venue. You can lock on the best transportation around 3 to 5 months before your wedding to be on the safer side.

But before you fix on a particular transport, here…

9 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Limo Service


What is the type of cars that are available

Start finding out about which type of vehicle would you require for your wedding anywhere from six months to one year before your wedding.

This planning will allow you to have a car for your bridal party and another one for you and your special one when you are ready to drive off after your marriage.

What are your driver requirements

Most states across the country require all the limo drivers to have a chauffeur’s license or permit apart from the regular class driving license.

This permit is useful if you are driving in a limo across state borders.

How many people will be riding in the limo

Depending upon the number of people that would ride along with you on your wedding, you might either need to book a bigger limo or two stretch limos, as the basic stretch limo accommodates 8 passengers at once.

It is important to keep in mind that formal wear such as wedding gowns will take up more space than usual, so you have to book a limo by keeping the facts in mind.

What will the driver’s attire be on your wedding day

Make sure the driver is dressed according to the dress code, as they will be publicly visible when they arrive on your special day.

Limo drivers should be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

For how many hours would you require the limo

In general, the wedding limo service requires you to book the vehicle for a certain amount of time.

So, while booking the transport make sure you book the limo service for a few more hours than you think you will be needing it for so as to avoid rushing in to get to the car.

How do you charge for renting a limo service

The answer to this particular question will determine based on two factors:

– If you would want to drive across state borders (or) if you would want to stick to driving within the town itself.

– Where the wedding is located and what time of year is it.

This will help prevent any disappointment before you fix on a specific vehicle.

What are the facilities that will be included

While reserving a limo for your wedding, make it a point to ask the company about the package and what are the perks that will be included in the package.

These said packages can cover the total fare and reimburse the amount for keeping the limo past the scheduled time as well as additional perks such as:

– Beverages and glassware
– Red carpet arrival
– Just married sign
– Decorations

Is there a contract

Unlike any other business, it is important to have a written and signed document before paying money to the limo company.

This will help both the parties to know what to expect from each other so that there is no unpleasant surprise during the wedding event.

What is the cancellation policy

Finally, be aware of what will you be liable for in case you decide the cancel the limo service under certain circumstances.

Make sure you know what is the cancellation policy of the company before booking the vehicle.

On Time Guarantee. Large Selection of Modern Vehicles.

Figure out the answer to these questions before hiring a limo service and arrive at your wedding with ease and in style.

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