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22 Apr,2019

Renting a Limo? 11 Things You Might Have Asked Yourself.

Are you trying to find a good Limousine service for a special event? If so, then there are many things you should consider before you rent one. You need to ask yourself several questions in order to pick the right Limousine. You may have to get your parents’ consent form if you are a high school student. If you are still confused, then this article will help you with your limo hunt. According to Wikipedia,

“A limousine is a luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the driver’s compartment and the passenger’s compartment.”

Renting a Limo? 10 Things You Might Have Asked Yourself.

A limo is a classy, stretched vehicle that is perfect for any occasion. Nowadays, Limousines are seen as status symbols. Who doesn’t like to flaunt their status by taking such a beautiful vehicle to party venues? We have listed a few questions that you must ask yourself before booking a limo.

1.  Am I Allowed to Drink in a Limo?

Drinking or possession of any kind of alcoholic beverage inside a Limousine is strictly prohibited in BC. Any passenger or driver found violating the rules on public roads or highways will be held responsible. Despite the rules and regulations, many people think it is ok to drink in a limo. Strict penalties are in place for such kind of behaviour.

2. What Does the Inside of a Limo Look Like?

Limousines have various features in different countries. They look extremely exotic from outside, but no one knows what actually lies within. The stretched limousine has a partition between the passengers and the driver. A limousine is very spacious, and the interior has colorful lights. Some limousines also have mini bar counters.
It also has LEDs and LCD TVs mounted inside the cabins. It also contains VCR and DVD-player located on the floor right below the seats. One can also find control panels of all the devices under the VIP seats. The limousines also contain a 12-inch subwoofer and a hi-fi audio system.


3. What Are Limo Drivers Called?

The luxurious Limousine drivers are called a Chauffeur (for he) and Chauffeuse (for her). They are recruited to drive luxurious vehicles like large sedan and limo and trained to offer VIP service.

4. Can Limo Drivers See In The Back of the Car?

Yes, Limo drivers can see and hear the conversations of their passengers. There is a glass barrier that divides driver and passengers’ section. Most of the Limousines contain cameras mounted above. If you want privacy in the vehicle, then you can go for professional limousine companies that offer service without cameras. Or else, you can ask the limo companies to protect your confidentiality. Make sure the company is offering privacy to their customers.

5.How Dark Is Limo Tint?

Normally, vehicles can have 5% to 30 % of tint. Visible light transmittance (VLT) measures the amount of light which can pass from outside to the inside of the window. The tinted windows allow 70% of light to pass through glass. Mostly, the limousines contain only 5% of tinted windows.

6. What Should I Bring to a Limo Ride?

It mainly depends on the occasion. If you want to celebrate your birthday or want to throw a birthday party, then you can book a cool limousine. From water to LCD TVs, everything will be available in the limousine as per your needs. Ensure that the driving company is offering you extra services that you have requested.

7. How Many People Can the Limo Accommodate?

The luxurious Limousines can easily carry 10 to 12 people. The smaller ones can accommodate 6 to 8 people including the driver. The bigger party busses can accommodate up to 30 passengers.

8. For How Long Will You Hire The Limo?

TThere is no specific deadline, but to be on the safer side, you can book the limousine for extra hours. Most of the companies provide pick up and drop facilities. At the time of festivals like Christmas or New Year, it is recommended to book the limousine for 5 to 10 hours. For example, if you have booked a limo for your birthday, everything should be pre-planned. If you are planning to hit a club for 3 to 4 hours, then make sure to book the limousine for 6 to 8 hours.

9. Can You Leave Your Personal Belongings in the Limo?

The customer will be responsible for their loss if they leave their belongings inside the limo. The company does not offer any guarantee for their damaged or lost belongings and properties. You must read the terms and conditions of the company carefully before booking the limo.

10. What Are the Available Limo Types?

You can book a Passenger Lincoln Navigator Stretch SUV Limousine or Passenger Executive Lincoln Navigator Stretch SUV Limousine. It is suitable for any occasion or function, and plus it will increase your style at any venue.

11. Why East West Limos is your best option?

East West Limousines come with advanced amenities and safety features. You can travel with confidence in any events by renting a Limousine from a reputed company such as Est West Limos. They also offer you quality Limousines with competitive prices.
Book Stylish Luxury limousine Rental Service

To summarize, there are plenty of things to ask yourself if you are concerned about spending your money in the right limousine. A few extra dollars won’t matter if you are looking for classy, plush and a quality limo. Do not settle for less when it comes to your safety. Also, ask the reputed company for reference and testimonials. Hurry up now and book a fancy limo for your special event now!

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