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26 Nov,2019

The Art of Tipping Your Limo Chauffeur

Not all of us rent a limo every day. When we hire a limo, it’s usually a special occasion like a wedding, bachelor party, graduation day, and prom. That said, most of us don’t know how much you should tip your limo chauffeur, whether it’s for the airport or a business event. Getting driven by an experienced chauffeur at a wedding is no different, but they always arise a question of how much to tip your limo chauffeur for wedding?


how much to tip a limo chauffeur

For whatever cause, one of the most uncomfortable parts of our daily transactions is tipping a limo Chauffeur. But, how much to tip a limo chauffeur remains our critical question. Also, before we proceed with knowing the factors on which you can measure the chauffeur to give him a tip, make sure that tipping is allowed.


Know About Gratuity:


For instance, some limo organizations will add an optional tip to wedding and prom limos charges: the logic here is that a few travelers, similar to a bride and groom to be on their big day, or a lot of excited youngsters on prom night, are probably not going to have a lot of cash with them. Some limo organizations have comparative arrangements for bachelorette evenings, in light of the fact that once the alcohol gets into the blood, travelers can overlook seemingly insignificant details like tipping the limo Chauffeur toward the night’s end. Whatever your motivation to lease a limo, ensure that you read the bill print in order to avoid the humiliation of double-tipping or not tipping.


How Much to Tip Limo Chauffeur – More or Less?


Remember, the total you decide to tip is an immediate sign of your joy with the service you have received.


If a chauffeur has given a fantastic service, leave a generous tip (25% or more) by all means. Judge his services by considering simple gestures like: very-great service.


=> Arriving early for pick-up

=> Opening the doors

=> Carried or transferred your bags

=> Took care of your special requests

=> Considered your unexpected requests


If a limo Chauffeur has gone beyond the call of duty, a generous tip is always a good way of showing your gratitude. 


But what if it happened the opposite? In the event that you have gotten a genuinely lousy service from the Chauffeur (e.g., the Chauffeur was late, impolite, carried you to an inappropriate spot, and so on.), you are well inside your privileges to guarantee that your lower tip speaks to how you feel about the not-very-great service.


It’s also a good idea to actually contact the limo company and tell your feedback to the customer service department, whether it’s an incredibly positive or negative experience. Any reputable company will want your honest feedback in order to ensure good service standards.


Also, always tip your Chauffeur in cash and base your tip on the bill before taxes.


After having read this blog, you can easily decide how much you should tip your limo chauffeur based on whether you received great service, decent service or poor service from your limo service provider. Your tip is your way to tell both the chauffeur and the business how good your experience was.


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