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30 Jul,2018

Tips For A Safe And Fun Prom Night

Prom – a fun filled magical night that requires a lot of planning in keeping the teenagers safe and at the same time making sure that everyone has a great evening.

Tips for a Safe and Fun Prom Night

From searching to the perfect prom dress or tux to dancing the night away with friends, prom night is a fun-filled event which also comes along with a risk factor which makes the parents worry for the safety of their children.

Here are 9 Tips for a Safe and Fun Prom Night Party:


  • Know the prom details:

Reach out to the school or other parents and get to know the complete details and the post-event activities to make sure that there is no alcohol present.

  • Get together with like-minded parents:

Talk to parents of your teen’s friends and set clear curfew timings that match to other friends of your teen’s. Many parents can also get together and have a dinner party at their home or after-prom parties that are safe and alcohol-free.

  • Say no to hotel rooms:

Be sure that your children have received the message loud and clear about “No hotel room rentals”. You know for a fact that if you agree to this, your teens will not be ordering tea in those rooms. You are liable for their safety.

  • Parents are the primary influencers:

Talk about your expectations and concerns with your teens. According to a survey, parents who talk about the dangers of drinking with their children are found to be drinking less as compared to other parents who think it is not important to talk about the same.

  • No driving:

Make sure you don’t give your children the permission to drive all by themselves to the venue. Hire a limo service or have a designated driver who will not be under the influence. This way it is much safer and also gives peace of mind to the parents.

  • Drink safely:

No matter the rules that schools levy, alcohol always seems to find a way into these parties one way or another. Consider these few tips before consuming the drink:
– Always watch how your drinks are being made.
– Make sure you always hold onto your drink.
– If you feel nauseatic, call for help.

Remember the drink rule – “put it down, don’t pick it up”

  • Have the party at school:

You can suggest to the school committee to have the prom night organized at the school itself. This will be safer for all the students as no one would be able to leave or enter the premises easily.

  • Sit back and have faith:

Sending your child to prom can get every parent worried, but it is important to keep in mind that you should have trust in your child that they will make the right decisions and will have a great night with their friends.

  • Be available:

Make sure your teen knows that you are available for them on prom night. It creates a reassurance in them knowing that you are just a phone call away from them if they need any help. Things like this will let your children know that they are safe no matter where they are.

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By following the above suggestions, your teen is guaranteed to have a Limousine Service For Prom/Grad Party and you’re sure to have peace of mind knowing that they are safe and having an enjoyable evening as well.

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