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27 Feb,2018

Useful Tips Before you Hire A Wedding Day Transportation

Weddings are special, especially for the bride. She plans her wedding her whole life. Food, dress, guest list, flowers, among others. All these arrangements need to be perfect! While things like transportation are left on the fiancé and his father’s shoulder. No matter who does what. The question is have you ever thought of your wedding day transportation seriously? Does it matter to you?
Your family and friends will come to see you off when you will leave with your husband to start a new chapter of your life, and what vehicle will you be in, have you ever given a thought to this?
Useful Tips Before you Hire A Wedding Day Transportation
Bride/Groom often forget this important factor while planning their wedding. We will help you find the best wedding day transportation by stating useful tips here.


      Make a Requirement list

      A unique wedding transportation limo will make a long lasting impression on your guests. Search for the best limo service provider in the city. Make a list where you can write down your expectations with the service provider-wedding package with discount, additional services during the ride, availability of type of limo, chauffeur experience, any special language chauffeur must know, what dress a chauffeur must wear on the day among others. You can add and remove requests as per your need.


    • Convey your Requirement

      You must now how to negotiate and convey your requirement to the service provider. You might pull a great deal with your negotiation skills. Do not be shy while telling your requirements, help the limousine provider understand clearly what you need. After all, you are paying the price.


    • Make a Guest List

      How many limousines do you want to stop in front of the wedding venue? What type of limousine will you want on that day? How many guests will be riding? Such requirements will help the limousine provider come up with the best deal.


    • Draw a Budget Line

      Before finalizing everything, clearly state your budget to the limousine provider. This will also help the provider to come up with the best affordable wedding transportation options in limousines.


    • Reach on Time

      It is important for a chauffeur to know the pick-up and drop-off location among other timings and locations to be used during the wedding day. Make sure you reach on time. Check the road conditions and make sure there is no extra event taking place which might jam the transportation. If you are doing a winter wedding, roads will be icy, pay attention to that as well.



    Where to Hire a Limo?


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