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26 Aug,2019

Wanting to Book A Limo? Read The Top 3 Factors That Affect The Limo Rental Cost

Limos can add a lavish touch to a special situation, whether it’s a wedding party, your kid’s prom, or the birthday party of your 7-year-old nephew. But if you have never rode in a limo, you might not know how a limo rental service operates.


There are a few main factors involved that will considerably affect the price of renting the limousine. Keep on reading to discover what they are in order to fully understand what to expect.


What Does it Cost to Rent a Limo?


It is very simple to understand. Limo rates differ by kinds of the limo, lease time and length, where you’ve booked the limo, including facilities and amenities.


Kind of Limo:


First, the form of limo you want to rent will need to be determined. This depends on your case and your expected number of travelers. Nothing beats a stretch limo if you need to lease a limousine for prom event. They are extremely classic and elegant. Book it if you have planned to enjoy the night with about 8-10 friends.


Party buses are ideal for bigger activities, such as wedding ceremonies. They can accommodate up to 24 individuals, and all the top facilities are available.


Because there are so many distinct kinds of limos that accommodate a variety of individuals, rates differ based on it. Check prices with your local limo rental business!


Renting Time & Duration:


The lease period and length. Weekends tend to be busier with limo booking facilities, so a Sunday’s price may differ from a Wednesday’s. Try to schedule your event at a less cost for a non-peak day.


You will also have to determine the length of time you need the limo. Even if the limo is waiting to pick up your group, you will still have to pay for those hours as it can’t be used for another party.


Find out your event’s timings and attempt to get everyone in one location for the limo pick up in advance. This will assist you to prevent taking extra time out and paying for extra time.


What Facilities Do You Want in a Limo Rental Cost?


The third significant issue you have to ask yourself about the lease cost of your limo is what kind of facilities are essential to you. Some limo rentals, for example, include WiFi, and some do not offer it at the basic rate. Some offer it for an extra charge.


You will have to decide on some popular facilities and services here:


  • WiFi
  • Surround sound speakers
  • Neon lighting system
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Beverages and snacks
  • iPhone/Android chargers


Premium limousines often offer amenities that other categories of Limos won’t in a basic package. So, considering it, the prices can vary.


Before renting a limo, it is always best to check proper documentation. Review the agreement, contracts, and permits even before the agreement is signed. Please note that the cost cited for your trip is based on the service and the length you have asked.


Now that you know how smartly you can book a limo, don’t wait for it, and grab an East West limo slot today!LIMO RENTAL COST

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