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26 Sep,2019

What Does it Feel Like to Live in The City of Vancouver?

City of Vancouver

Canada is amazingly lovely country. It is so varied and distinctive that comparing it to anything else is often difficult. While we have so many incredible places in Canada, amongst all Vancouver is the best city in the world. Vancouver has been named one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to a recent list. Only two other Canadian cities were included in that list.


Flight Network, the largest travel agency in Canada asked 1000+ Bloggers, travel experts, and travel agencies to list out the most beautiful cities in the world. And guess what? Not only did Vancouver make a place in that list, but also has banged the top 5th position in the top 50 most beautiful cities of the world!


According to London’s Economist Group of Economist magazine, Vancouver is not just the finest city to live in, but Vancouver is the best city to live in the world. After reading all these facts, you sure want to know more about the city of Vancouver. So, we have curate reasons to live in Vancouver


Vancouver Beach Life:


Vancouver has over nine mesmerizing beaches that let you enjoy summers to the fullest. When you live in this amazing city, swimming, water sports, sunbathing and beach picnics are all at your disposal for free on a daily basis.


Outdoor Activities in Vancouver:


Vancouver is the ideal location to live when you’re young, a center for outdoor adventure all year round, and can take complete benefit of all the excellent scenery. Hiking, cycling, swimming, and even camping, you can do it all!


Mild Climate in Vancouver:


It has the mildest conditions in Canada, and temperatures hardly drop below freezing. It snows seldom in Vancouver. You can spend the whole year outdoors, hiking in the frozen hills and enjoying the hot summer sun. You get enough opportunities to view altering foliage in the autumn and appreciate springtime events and festivities.


Vancouver is Eco-friendly City:


Vancouver is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of urban sustainability, so the “Greenest City Action Plan” is such a significant component of the society. Vancouver hopes to become the greenest town on the globe in the years to come through a roster of volunteer initiatives and achievable objectives.


There’s a powerful environmental strategy in place— that coupled with the city’s already beautiful greenery helps maintain Vancouver. And with the comparatively pleasant climate throughout the year, individuals prefer to go walking or cycling to work in Vancouver than in any other Canadian town.



A Lot Many Things to do in Vancouver:


From the Seawall, the longest uninterrupted waterfront trail in the world, to the VanDusen Botanical Garden with more than 7,000+ different species of plants and an Elizabethan hedge maze to explore, there is no shortage of places to go and things to do in Vancouver.


Snorkel into the backstory of the city at the Vancouver Museum or visit the Vancouver Art Gallery to get a flavour of the talent here.


Very Low Crime Rate in Vancouver:


The crime rate is indeed a matter of concern when it comes to living in a city. The amount of crime in the region is regarded as very low, according to, and individuals feel a very high amount of security traveling alone.


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