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19 Mar,2019

What to Bring With You for Your Prom Limo?

The prom season is around the corner! A memorable prom is everyone’s dream! Everyone looks forward to dressing their best and dancing the night away.

What to Bring With You for Your Prom Limo?

Booking a prom limo is definitely a great idea as it relieves the stress of having to find transportation to and from the prom. However, if you are wondering about where to get the best limousine in Abbotsford, don’t worry much. East West Limousine in Abbotsford offers amazing VIP limo services.

Their chauffeurs have been trained to ensure passenger safety first and will surely take care of you while traveling.

Now, that you have managed plan your prom, here are a few things that you need to bring along with you in case of an emergency.

1. Change of wardrobe:

Even though dressing up and wearing fancy clothes make you feel like a star, it must be admitted that a suit and a prom dress are not really the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear. Usually, most of the proms have after proms and a lot of students attend other functions after the prom as well. For this main reason, it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes and shoes with you.

2. An emergency kit:

Pack an emergency kit in your prom limo just in case of an emergency. The emergency kit includes first aid items as well as those items that might help you in any case of a wardrobe malfunction. A few things that you can include in this kit are pain relievers, motion sickness, medication, stain removers, safety pins, among others.

3. Refreshments:

We are sure you don’t want your prom limo to be a boring one. In fact, you should plan to make the most of it and get your prom party started even earlier. Usually, most limousines have a bar area, so it is kind of easy to bring some refreshments along with you and set them up in the limo.

However, don’t stick to just water when you are in such a luxurious car. Plan of bringing some sparkling non-alcoholic champagne, ciders, or punch! You will surely get the feeling you will be seeking around. Alcohol is not permitted in limos so be very careful about that.

4. Entertainment:

Though your prom limo will have speakers and television inside with it if you want, you can bring your own entertainment equipment. If your preference is in listening to your own tunes, bring your iPod along with you to give yourself a party mode. You can, in fact, bring along a few fun games that will make your ride go by quicker and allow you to have some fun on the way to your prom.

5. Cash or a credit card

Cash or a credit card that we must take everywhere, no matter what. You never know what happens and when, so you always need to be prepared. Take some cash or a credit card along with you as a safety precaution. If you are going out alone, you need to make sure you have enough cash to pay.

The necessities of the prom limo end here and with it start your prom limo fun. Have fun, people!

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